Where Do I Live? Kid Activity – Introducing Geography and Teaching Kids Their Address

One thing I am trying to teach Rylan, especially since starting school, is where he lives. Turns out – teaching geographical concepts and answering “Where Do I Live?” to a 5-year-old is a lot harder than it seems. After all, we live in a city, in a state, in a country and a continent – that’s a lot of places. And after explaining them all to the best of my ability, Rylan is still left thinking there are 7 continents in Virginia and we live in the state of South America. Now you see my dilemma…

I understand that in time he will grasp the vastness of the Earth and then be able to put it all into perspective, but I definitely feel there are better ways to visually make this easier for him. So today when his school had a “snow” day, I wanted to break out the craft supplies and do something fun and educational that might just answer “Where do I live?”

I came across this project by 123 Home School 4 Me and decided it was perfect. Not only would it help with address memorization, but it scales from the bigger picture (Earth) to the smaller picture (home) and gives children a better understanding of ALL the locations they live, right down to the street and house number. And as Rylan is learning about maps in school, I figured it would be a great reinforcement to his classroom education as well. Follow along to see how we made ours!

This “Where Do I Live?” project gives children a better understanding of ALL the locations they live, right down to the street and house number.

1. Gather your supplies!

  • Construction Paper (I cut these into squares, starting with 3″x3″ and then marking the others 1″  larger than the previous one)
  • Coloring Supplies
  • Hole Puncher
  • Glue Stick
  • Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets (optional)
  • Printer Paper for the images (I cut these into squares, starting with 2″x2″ and then marking the others 1″ larger than the previous one)
  • Binder Ring or String to put it all together

2. Print out pictures of your country, state, city, etc.

The following images were specific to us, but I am glad to share them with you. You can easily google “_____ clip art” and find the images that apply to you.

Print your images on plain paper and cut out.

3. Cut your construction paper backgrounds

Cut your construction paper into different sizes. As the sizes get smaller, the more concentrated the geographical areas are. Then label them, starting with the largest paper:

  • Planet
  • Continent
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Street
  • House Number

4. Get creative!

It’s key to give your child a lot of freedom with this project – to encourage learning, creativity and fine motor skills. I asked Rylan to look at the pictures and color land vs. bodies of water, the different countries and even the state of Virginia in a different color. When they are done, have them use the glue stick and place the images to the corresponding construction papers (this is a good way to test if they understand geography locations as well).

It’s key to give your child a lot of freedom with this project, while encouraging learning too. See if your child can put the squares in order from biggest to smallest.

5. Tie it all together!

Optional: Use self-adhesive laminate on your sheets to make them last longer.

Punch holes in the top left corner and encourage your child to string and tie together the sheets (we used a spare binder ring). Your “Where Do I Live?” project is done!

The project was super easy and although it required a little digging for images, I feel confident it is going to help teach him more about where we live in the world – a vital life skill to prepare your child with. It’s also a good source of reference as he continues to memorize our address!

Have you tried this project? Has another one worked for your child? Please feel free to share your thoughts!





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PPS. Luckily the snow didn’t last, so Auntie Annes’s date it is!



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  • Sylvia

    This is a great activity to go with Steve and Greg’s song, “We all live together “.

    March 11, 2019 at 2:37 pm Reply
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      Yes it is! Thanks for the feedback!

      March 13, 2019 at 9:41 am Reply
  • Luisa

    Hi there!
    Where did you include zip code?

    June 26, 2019 at 10:30 pm Reply
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