Pumpkin Hammering – A Fall Activity for Toddlers

Have y’all ever heard of pumpkin hammering?

I introduced this unique, fall activity to my son over the weekend and it was a hit! My oldest loves playing with daddy’s big tools and pumpkin hammering was the perfect way to let him have at it (with adult supervision of course!)

All you need is a pumpkin, small pegs to act as nails and a hammer. You can use your own discretion on whether to use a real hammer or play hammer with your little. We used a few colorful pegs from an old peg board as nails. I’ve also seen golf tees used for this activity.

Pumpkin Hammering Activity for Toddlers | Rock It Mama | Do this fun fall activity with your toddler

It takes a bit of force to penetrate the pumpkin skin so you may have to encourage them to hit harder!

While hammering out some energy (and Mama enjoys a moment of quiet) your kiddos will also be building fine motor muscles while practicing the art of persistence.

Pumpkin hammering is also a great exercise in hand eye coordination.

There you have it! Easy to set up, engaging and FUN! Enjoy.

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