Product Review: The DocKATot

For the expecting mama: this is a must read product review!

“I love the DockATot so much that I bought it twice.”

Not because I wanted to, but because we left ours at home after driving four hours to the outer banks for a week long vacation, and we knew how vital the DockATot was for our son’s sleep (and thus our survival) while we were away. 

This glorious baby sleeper is safe, portable, washable, versatile and stylish. The DockATot is worth every penny and is a registry must have. I’m able to carry & quite literally dock it throughout the house as he naps during the day and he sleeps soundly, nestled in its soothing comfort at night. Both guaranteeing incredible value, the Deluxe is geared towards babies 0 – 8 months old, and the Grand is designed for toddlers aged 9 – 36 months. 

Because I hadn’t heard much about it, while pregnant I posed a question on Facebook about the necessity of the dockatot and I was shocked at the amount of positive feedback I received from other mamas on my feed. So convinced I needed it, I added it to my registry and my friends (who are angels) gifted it to me at my shower. The DockATot is available in a variety of styles. The covers are removable and washable which is HUGE because my baby is a big spitter and has the occasional blowout.

“This glorious baby sleeper is safe, portable, washable, versatile and stylish.”

Great for co-sleeping and crib to bed transitions, the DockATot allows for a safer and more comfortable way for families to share sleeping quarters if they so choose. Additionally, it’s ideal for bed transitioning, thanks to built-in sides that allow young children to settle more easily in a bigger bed. The DockATot Grand gives little ones a snug sense of security in a new sleeping environment.

My only complaint is that I didn’t have the DockATot for my firstborn! For more information click here. Happy sleeping, Mamas.


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