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  • Spring Cleaning Checklist – Free Printables Included

    Picture of Rock It Mama ultimate spring cleaning checklistThere are few rites of passage as we move into spring, and for me – one of them is spring cleaning! As a family who has had our fair share of winter sicknesses, I am ready to get my spring cleaning on and eliminate all lingering germs. And if you are too – I have made this handy spring deep cleaning checklist for you, along with a customizable weekly cleaning schedule you can fill out on your own!

    See below to download your FREE spring cleaning printables!

    Picture of Rock It Mama ultimate spring cleaning checklist

    This checklist is a great reminder to tackle all those essential, but easily forgettable tasks. And these downloads are a great addition to your Family Home Binder printables available in my post here.

    Are you a fan of spring cleaning? What are some items on your list that you think I should add to mine?

  • Fostering Your Child’s Mental Health & Ways to Build a Strong Foundation

    As my son gets older and more submerged into the world around him, I often find myself hard-pressed on how well he will be able to cope. Have I prepared my child for the trials and tribulations of life that is to come? Have I implemented all the tools necessary to ensure a happy life for him? Surely I can’t guarantee his happiness, but I can give him a strong foundation for his mental health – and that could be everything.

    Children learn from the behavior modeled by the important adults in their life.

    The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a topic near and dear to my heart. And as an advocate for mental health (and a parent), it is not lost on me how influential my role is on my sons childhood mental health.

    As described in a 2013 MMWR report, mental health in childhood is characterized by “…the achievement of development and emotional milestones, healthy social development, and effective coping skills, such that mentally healthy children have a positive quality of life and can function well at home, in school, and in their communities.”

    There are many other ways to foster your child’s mental health. Here are some daily steps to keep your child as mentally healthy as possible.

    First and foremost, our children learn by example. As parents, there is so much we can offer to help nurture their mental health during the most developmental stages of their life. Here are just a few:

    1. Build Their Self-esteem

    • Be on Your Child’s Team: Regularly support and encourage your child. Make sure to praise their efforts, not their achievements, and to believe them and believe in them.
    • Let Them Learn Naturally: Promote independent learning. Have your child experience and accept the natural consequences of life and experience the benefits of positive actions as well.
    • Encourage Healthy Self-Talk: Use words of encouragement and daily affirmations. See our list of affirmations for kids here.
    • Ensure Their Sense of Belonging: Your child needs to feel like they are invited, accepted and loved. Make sure to spend family time together, play with them and remind them how valuable they are.

    2. Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment

    Provide an environment that demonstrates love, compassion, trust and understanding every day. Let your child know you are a safe place and confidant when it comes to their feelings and thoughts. Implement a predictable routine in the household, as to create a sense of stability and comfort.

    3. Establish Healthy Habits

    Make sure your child is getting enough rest, eating healthy foods and getting enough play time/exercise. Physical health is just as important.

    4. Explain Feelings and Reactions

    Listen to how your child is feeling and validate their emotions. Guide your child through big feelings and show them important coping mechanisms and ways to manage challenges (like meditation). Teach them the importance of expressing their emotions through language.

    5. Model Healthy Behavior

    Children learn from the behavior modeled by the important adults in their life – so be sure to lead by example the best strategies regarding self-care, healthy social interactions, communication and emotional stability.

    These guidelines aren’t just for children either, but are important for everyone looking to take care of their mental health! If you enjoyed this post, you might want to read this post on building your child’s confidence.

    Note: Through research, I was able to find these helpful tips on nurturing children’s mental health. If you have suggestions or advice, we would love to hear it! Comment below or email us at


  • Family Emergency Binder – Free Printables to Create Your Own

    This year, I took the time to really invest my energy in home organization. One of the very first items I worked on was a family emergency binder for our home.

    Family Emergency Binder - Free Printables to Create Your Own | Rock It Mama | Learn how to create your own emergency family binder for grab-and-goIt’s important to note that the family emergency binder is different than a home management binder, which is geared towards keeping your family on track on a daily basis.

    Putting all of our important information and documents together in one place has not only been smart and practical for at-home use, but it is the perfect grab-and-go item in case of an emergency.

    Now, each emergency binder will be unique across the board – some families choose to have very in-depth binders and others have just the vital information (I like to think mine was less elaborate). How and what you choose to put in yours is up to you!

    Family Emergency Binder - Free Printables to Create Your Own | Rock It Mama | Learn how to create your own emergency family binder for grab-and-go

    Here is how I put together our family emergency binder, as well as some additional ideas you can incorporate and some free printables so you can start your own!

    1. Create your family binder with some simple supplies:
    2. Gather your information and documents
      • Contact information (including emergency contacts, neighbors, hospital, primary care, pediatrician, veterinarian, insurance providers, etc.)
      • Medical information (personal medical details such as allergies, medications, etc.)
      • List of utilities (account numbers, authorized users and login username/password)
      • Important documents
        • Legal documents (marriage license, custody, car titles, lease information, etc.)
        • Tax documents
        • Property documents (deed, titles, etc.)
        • Testamentary documents (wills, trusts, etc.)
      • Identification material
        • Birth certificates
        • Passports
        • Copies of drivers license or state issues ID card
        • Social security cards
        • Military records
      • A list of usernames and passwords to vital websites
      • Contacts of family and friends
      • List of birthdays and anniversaries
    3. Print out the free family emergency binder printables I have made below, which include:
      • Family binder cover
      • Emergency numbers and information
      • Family personal profile
      • Birthdays and anniversaries
      • Contacts of friends and family
      • Utilities and services

    Family Emergency Binder - Free Printables to Create Your Own | Rock It Mama | Learn how to create your own emergency family binder for grab-and-goFill out your printables and place in the page protectors. Make sure you place all your documents in a spot you will remember (I place our documents towards the back of the binder, in different sections).

    Family Emergency Binder - Free Printables to Create Your Own | Rock It Mama | Learn how to create your own emergency family binder for grab-and-goThere you have it – in just a few steps, you have an easily accessible “command center” binder!

    Want to include more? Here are some additional ideas you can put in your emergency family binder:

    • Babysitter worksheet
    • Petsitting worksheet
    • Immunization records
    • Credit/debit card information
    • Medical release forms (you can even notarize these)

    Hopefully we never ACTUALLY have to run out of the house with this binder in an emergency, but the fact that we have it eases my mind exponentially.

    Have you made a family emergency binder?

    If you enjoyed this post and want more printables for your family binder, check out this post.